Zarikov's Minion Art Page

Hello this is my collection of Minion art.

Note: Some images may be NSFW. Browse at your own peril.


Image 11 - "Despicable Me Goes to Town 2"

Are Minions formal members of the economy, or pure and simple slaves? This image suggests Minons possess currency and thus the capacity to own personal property. Or is this Minion an aberration? C+


Image 12 - "I Love Lucy: Rated-G"

This image is most assuredly *not* rated G. F-


Image 13 - "Margo Edith Agnes"

Finally, some wholesome mega-swole babes to level out this post. I'm not sure if these are meant to be Dispicable-Universe characters, but I can say with certainty the Minion in the foreground is as confused as you the reader. B-


Image 14 - "Despicable Richtofen"

This is a Minon / Call of Duty Zombies crossover, which might be the worst crossover possible. This Nazi is disturbed that his minion is a Minion. Great. D-


Image 15 - "despicable shoes"

Wholesome, practical. This likely made a real person happy, and I applaud this. A+



Zarikov's Minion Fan Art - "1"

I've decided to begin my own Minion studies. The basic Minion is best imagined as a large ball with a slightly smaller ball on top, with a continuous skin stretched over both.


Image 6 - "Despicable Me V2"

I enjoy the novelty of considering the Minions as mere processes and daemons inside of an operating system. Lacking the subtle depth of a Pepi le Pew or Taz, I'm not sure the Minions would have the cultural purchase they have without the internet magnifying their influence. C+


Image 7 - "minions humanized"

What really happens with Minions become humanized? I'm not sure the artist can answer that question, but I'm sure someone would jerk off to this image ironically dehumanizing them in the process. How easy it is to take the humanity away from workers. A question about Minion physiology to consider; are they victims of Cyclopia? Some appear to have a mono-eye tooth like Tom Cruise, some don't. Perhaps a genetic predisposition? D+


Image 8 - "New Boss"

I honestly don't know what the fuck to think about this, but I don't like it. D-


Image 9 - Despicable you"

The name, 'Despicable you' not only titles the piece but attacks you, the viewer. You are despicable. Why? Perhaps you found this racist caricature funny. Perhaps searching for "despicable" on deviantart with NSFW content is truly the most despicable act of them all. C+


Another user asks... but the creator is not to be found.

Image 10 - "Despicable"

Continuing with the dual themes of titles with "Despicable" in the title which simultaneously describes the viewer, this piece fills me with endless dread. This is the depravity the market craves. We are all becoming despicable. B-



Image 1

This image makes me feel nothing, but it was an early picture I found at the beginning of this collection that warranted discussion. What if any significant overlap exists between Minions and Anime..? F+


Image 2

I do not know the names of these characters, and only recognize one. The bald person is voiced by Steve Corel (sp?) and is a running character. The other I assume a later love interest in the series. How many movies are there containing Minions?

I get the feeling there is going to be a lot of heart-warming relationship porn in this Minion art deep dive. D-


Image 3

OK this isn't capital M Minion art, but the gifs (hard 'g') of the Minions are crucial. Their antics are easily boiled down to short, digestible bits. Say for example a Tweety Bird is cocaine; the minion crack cocaine.

How sad for the Minion, capable only of self expression through their master's means of production: the flashing emergency lights, the fire extinguisher, the hair made of a mop. C-


Image 4

This folks, is exactly what I've been waiting for. This. Is. The. Juice. First off, I have no idea who these people are. But I'm definitely bookmarking this person's profile for future research.

I'm going to assume that this couple is either the artist+ their romantic partner, or celebrities I don't recognize. The first one is better. Anyway, these horny Minions are arguing over what kind of ass they like, and decide to prove to their world their sinful ways by zapping this couple with "babe guns", guns that make you a babe, turning the lady into a lady with a biger ass and the fellow into a chick. Classic bimbofication shit, love to see it. Then the now hotter people make the Minions into babes, re-asserting their dominance over the Minions. A+


Image 5

The line between harmless children's entertainment and hardcore fascist propaganda is always a thin one.

The Minion no doubt pines for a return to a more simple time, when hard workin' men were paid an honest living, people took care of one another, it was cool to be racist and cars used leaded gasoline. Not technically impressive (medium: Photoshop CS5) but poses themes I'll be on the look out for, and elaborate on in the future. C+


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